Procurement of equipment for oil and gas industry



BREDA ENERGIA is an international company with a wide range of products, offering high-tech components and services for large extraction and transportation complexes in oil and gas exploration and development. The main production area is about 30,000 m2 and includes:

  • Mechanical processing
  • Welding works
  • Assembly of shut-off and control valves
  • Inspections and tests
  • Warehouse
  • Storage area

Having at its disposal high-capacity production facilities, the BREDA ENERGIA provides the global market with high quality equipment for:

• Well head equipment and well control equipment 
• Ball valves 
• Plug valves 
• Parallel-slide valves, also with extending gate 
• Throttling valves 
• Back-flow valves

• Modules 
• Manifolds

Control Systems
• Control boards 
• Linear hydraulic/pneumatic drives.

BREDA offers development, design, production and testing of complex systems specially made per individual customer's requirements. The products are shipped as a kit and are quickly installed in the field.



Systems of underwater isolation valves
• Protective structures
• Isolation valves
• Control systems
• Above-water terminal flexible drill string apparatus 
• Underwater terminal flexible drill string apparatus

Pipeline end manifold
• Temporary pig scraper launching valve
• Temporary pig scraper receiving valve
• Systems for onshore use

Extraction equipment
• Manifolds for extraction, injection and testing
• High and low pressure separator reservoirs and complexes
• Dehydratation reservoirs and complexes
• Test separators

Pipeline terminal equipment
• Metering devices 
• Analyzers
• Pig launching/receiving traps

Service skid
• Flare knockout drum
• Gas treatment reservoirs
• Water filtration/treatment units
• Pipeline fitting skid
• Pressure relief skid
• Pumping skid
• Gas servicing skid 
• Tool skid

Chemical and secondary processes skid
• Chemicalsinjectionskid


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