Procurement of equipment for oil and gas industry

CITBA (France)


Produces oil and gas extracting, transporting and refining equipment CITBA production capacities are concentrated in the South of France. High-tech equipment and qualified personnel guarantee that high quality equipment is produced for oil and gas extracting, transporting and refining, as well as for chemical production and water treatment facilities. Key customers are Gaz de France, Total, Gazprom OJSC.

1. Chambers for ejecting and receiving cleaning substances and pipeline diagnostics are equipped with covers with quick release coupling; operating range: nominal diameter starting at1400, and nominal pressure up to 42 MPa. At customer's request, H2S-resistant execution is possible in compliance with NACE MR 0175. Pig receivers can be shipped with self-manufactured separators thanks to production capacities and work experience that allow designing, manufacturing and shipping of pig launchers- receivers on the turn-key basis.

2. Tanks and related equipment, for general technical purposes and for special use. Various columns, absorbers, separators, reactor-mixers are also available. Bent products produced by the company are used to manufacture structures from carbon and stainless steel with wall thickness up to 80 mm and weight up to 60 tons.

3. Block-modular units are the most popular with customers, since they allow assembling the plant under field conditions as quickly as possible.


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