Procurement of equipment for oil and gas industry




They are designed for servicing oil and gas plants. 

Fast and uninterrupted cleaning is ensured by excellent fitting and precise

sizing of various openings, e.g. bypass, drainage and air vent ones.

  • Nominal diameter (ND): from 80 to 14,000 mm
  • ANSI grade 150-2,500
  • Operating temperature from - 60°С to + 200°С
  • Resistant to earthquakes with magnitude 9 on the MSK-64 scale
  • Reeving/recovery device is included
  • Rapid-acting bayonet type gate with level 4 safety system



1. T-Bends 
Production range includes:


  • T-bend manufactured by hot extrusion and with welded branch
  • T-bend with guides
  • T-bend with double casing for special pipeline cleaning
  • T-bend for tie-in. They allow to tie-in into pressurized pipelines (also applicable for adjusting the locating fixture) 
    Nominal diameter (ND): from 50 to 1,600 mm 
    Nominal pressure (PN): from 4 to 400


2. Insulation Joints

For optimal pipelines operation, cathode protection is used as active protection against corrosion. Cathode protection principle of insulation joints is based on inserting an insulating seal between steel flanges to create an open circuit. Roaming currents that are present in metal pipelines cannot pass such insulator and are considerably weakened, decreasing their impact on the metal pipeline. 

Insulating seals are installed at the points of electrical disconnect, ensuring high quality protection of pipelines against corrosion. 

Nominal diameter (ND): from 25 to 2400 mm
Nominal pressure (PN): from 150 to 2500

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